A List of Silly Things to Guarantee a Smile

*This post may contain affiliate links. As you have probably noticed if you are one of my regular (or irregular) readers, “It’s More Fun in Your 30s” is a blog that can sometimes veer on the serious side of things with posts like “How to Use Your Blog as Your CV“, but I do LOVE to LAUGH. With so much […]

REVIEWED: Kibele, Great Portland Street

“Chicken Shish” No one looked up from their computer this time, probably because I’d just been randomly saying those two words all day. We had dinner after work with one of our vendors, and they had emailed ahead to say they were taking us to Kibele on Great Portland Street. I am one of those annoying people that likes to […]

REVIEWED: The Broadcaster, White City

I’ve read a lot of reviews about brand, BRAND new restaurants, and I know a lot of the time people have jumped to review them before they have “got into their stride”. As I go to most of these places as a paying customer, I just review when I can and the opportunity arises. So when I was invited to┬áThe […]

REVIEWED: Porto Galini Hotel & Spa Resort, Lefkas

*I won this holiday at a Jet2 blogging event. There was no obligation to post any content around the actual trip. As someone who enjoys the finer things in life, I have stayed in some NICE places. I’m not saying this to show off. Actually I have stayed in some absolutely awful places as well, like the tent I lived […]

How to use Your Blog as a CV

*This post contains affiliate links. My journey into the working world of advertising has been somewhat unconventional. When I left college, I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I just worked at the finance company all of my friends worked at. When I came back from working abroad, I accidentally fell into caring for adults with learning […]

6 Goals I Want to Achieve by Christmas

*This post contains affiliate links. So it’s been a while since I wrote a little bit of a chatty, personal blog and to be honest, that is because I have not been feeling great. However, I finally feel like I am getting somewhere with treatment for my health problems now and it has made me optimistic for the future. So […]

Vitamins and Supplements I use When I am Feeling run Down

*This post contains affiliate links Having a chronic illness is no picnic, but one of the benefits it has given me is that I am always a handy person to ask about vitamins or supplements. Without going into too many details and throwing shade on the wonderful work our NHS do, I haven’t been given the level of support I […]

Inexpensive Asian-Inspired Places to eat in London

Working in London for the last 6 years has been a massive eye-opener for me. I’ve always loved going into The City, but it wasn’t until I started working in advertising I learned the sheer joy of an advertising lunch. The advertising lunch is basically where a vendor will take a group from a large advertising agency like mine (I […]

RECIPE: Vegetable Curry

*This post contains affiliate links Seeing people try my recipes makes me so happy. I have always promised that in my food section of my blog, I will always review affordable places and I will always create easy and affordable recipes. I’m not a chef, I am just someone who enjoys giving people a reason to enjoy being in the […]

Keep Your Jewellery Sparkling, Always, or Get a Hand Made Gift to Remember

*this post was sponsored by Sparkling Jewellery. There are a few lessons as a woman in your 30s that you learn pretty soon after you hit the big three-oh. Hangovers are worse and last longer (I actually learned that one at about 28 and gave up alcohol, which you will already know if you follow me on my Twitter account). […]

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