First weekend drinking again

So as of midnight Friday, I was allowed to drink. Yaaaay!

For all of those who don’t know me, it may be fair to say I like a drink. In the same way it may be fair to say I like it as much as people from Essex like a tan. I’m usually the one projectile vomiting on my best friends table after doing vodka shots or getting naked in peoples kitchen’s. I’m usually the one everyone thinks has died the next day because I never let anyone know I’m home and I’m usually out of action the whole next day. Oh how I was looking forward to giving my liver a good bashing this weekend!

I had pre-decided during the month of January to take up gin. mainly because I realised there were around 2,000 calories in the bottle of rum I manage to drink to myself every night, and also because dark drinks give you worse hangovers. If you are sitting thinking ‘don’t drink if you don’t want a hangover’ please don’t read my blog, you are clearly not a funner.

So midnight rolls around and my friends are eager to make me drink, but I’m not really that into the idea. I do start to panic, after all, being able to put away more alcohol than Keith Allen and sarcastic comments are my two main talents, what is actually happening to me?

Well I’ll tell you what happened. I’m now PETRIFIED of hangovers. The thought of being to drunk to remember who put me to bed and waking up feeling like the seven dwarfs were having a tech house rave in my head and throwing up more times than a model who’s just binged on KFC really didn’t appeal to me.

After making a massive song and dance about Saturday being my first night out, I made my friend Lauren have most of Pitsea round her house Saturday so that I could come back in with a bang. Only I woke up Saturday feeling pretty ill (non hangover related) and didn’t want to get worse by going out, staying up late and drinking. So, yet again, 5th weekend in a row, I was sitting in my dressing gown watching films with my cat. Maybe I’ve lost it, and I’ll never be fun again.

In actual fact, my bottle of Gin had more action from my cat, who just licked the lid and is currently outside crying telling all the other cats she loves them.

While we are on the subject, thanks to everyone who sponsored me to stay sober! It means a lot to raise money for Cancer Research, as I know this is something that touches everyone’s lives at some point.

Watch this space, because now I have this new found ‘fitness’ I am going to be planning something else along the fund raising lines.

Here’s a link to my Just giving page, even a pound will help:

gin basildon


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