Guest blog for the Leigh On Sea Forum

Bonjour ladies and gentleman,

So, I’m doing a little bit of guest blogging now, and here’s my first one for the Leigh On Sea Forum. for those of you who may not be local, Leigh is a lovely little seaside town with cute one off shops, nice bars and the BEST seafood ever.

here’s the link


4 responses to “Guest blog for the Leigh On Sea Forum”

  1. If you ever fancy a blog swap some time with us at … could definitely be interesting! Hope you had a good Easter weekend 🙂


    1. Hi guys, my friend is opening a hot dog shop in Southend in the next few weeks and I will be going down to cover the opening, maybe I could use this for our blog swap?



      1. Love Southend Avatar
        Love Southend

        That sounds perfect for the Love Southend blog 🙂

        What kind of article are you looking for?


      2. Hi guys,

        I’m happy for you to guest blog on anything you want at all.

        Just pop it over to


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