You all know how much I love a supermarket?
Well if you don’t you can read about it here:

Here’s a secret. I love Ikea too!

Ikea Thurrock is like a beacon of modern wadrobes and cheap meatballs for everyone in a 20 mile radius.
I cannot remember the last time I actually went there FOR something. Well, aside from a 95p hot dog.
Everyone loves a little trip to look at the florken and have a dime bar cake. It’s like an adult playground. I once went in and thought I was SO FUNNY for jumping in a basket of cushions. Not so funny ten minutes later when I’m still stuck and my mates have walked off and left me.
Another cringe Ikea moment, was when while in the little grocery store, I picked up a miniture Dime from a bowl on the side, unwrapped it, ate it, and went to the shop assistant:
‘Ooh free samples?’
Needless to say, I left it a few months before going back.
What amazes me though, is the amount of people they say they LOVE Ikea but do not have an Ikea family card. Ladies especially. You are letting the side down. Stuff’s CHEAPER and its FREE.
I have loyalty cards for everything. EVERYTHING.
Ikea, Sainsburys, McDonalds, Greggs, the cafe in the library, the hairdressers. I think I’m even due a free wee soon.
So people, the links below, get on the Ikea card and get a £1.50 fry up.




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