Guest blog by Toni Carson – Should I Travel/Work Abroad

Today we have something a little different for you. Travelling and working abroad has become the ‘in thing’ now, but people are less impulsive nowadays. Everyone needs to spend 4 years actually making the decision to go by which time they will be too old and inevitably called ‘Grandma’ by their fellow season workers. I met Toni while working in Greece last year, and after knowing me 12 hours she had to calm me down on the plane and inform me that the pilot probably wasn’t going to land in the sea over Thessaloniki. Then, 4 weeks later she had to take me to a Greek Doctor who may or may not have been a vet to have my tow sewn back on. The toe being OFF was 100% the fault of my colleague Adam who wanted to know ‘what was up the hill?’ to which I showed him and kicked a rock. (He also has a blog, please abuse him HERE for being so curious So if you are thinking about travelling or working abroad but you are worried about leaving your cat and best friend who you couldn’t possibly live without texting 150 times a day, have a look at Toni’s advice:

”When I was a child I always said I was going to travel, see the world, meet new people and have an interesting career. Well I have.

However for a while I put it all on hold, I had a boyfriend and I thought that was me sorted (anyway you don’t need details on how that ended).

Life was not great and I thought you know what I am out of here. I did it, I applied for season work and here I am 4 seasons later still travelling the world, meeting new people and my career is getting better and better.

My advice to anyone is JUST DO IT!! If you want to get out there and see the world what is stopping you? Bills? Family? Your job? Excuses I say! Instead of sitting with a face like Deirdre Barlow get out there and make yourself happy!!

I am not going to lie, I applied for my first season ever in the French Alps and when I was offered the job I phoned my dad and said “so what do I do?” his answer “you take the job!” duh simple! I didn’t even know what the Alps were, I didn’t even like snow that much at the time so I went into it with my eyes closed. Not saying that I am now some Olympic medal winning skiing champion but I LOVE the Alps and I LOVE the snow!


Summer seasons, now that is where my heart lies! The sun, the sea, the smell of sun lotion! Aaaah bliss! Of course the work is hard, getting a tan EVEN harder but it’s worth it to meet amazing people, eat amazing Greek food and drink A LOT!

So basically to sum it up, travel while you can! Simple.”

Here’s a photo of us all loving life at a steak place I suggested, which I claimed was amazing. The steak was so hard I actually chipped a tooth and even the waiter apologised for the food being so bad! Good times!


If you want to ask advice you can find Toni on:



Also, here are some fantastic websites for finding Season Work, season workers in particular is where I have found most of my work abroad:

You will need to decide what sort of thing you want to do as the roles range from general skivvy to childcare worker etc. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or Toni for any information or hilarious stories about working abroad.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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