Nails, inc

I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you for Nails, Inc for helping me with my lifelong plight of not being able to paint my nails.

Unfortunately I am one of those people who paints my nails, looks and thinks ‘Did I ACTUALLY have my eyes open when I did that or not?’. I have even managed once, to get nail varnish in my eyebrow. Also, what IS it with your bladder? The MINUTE I paint my nails and they are soaking wet, I need to loo. Nails, Inc dry’s incredibly quickly, unlike Barry M which takes around 5 hours so you are sitting there fuming with wet nails, starving and needing the loo. I’ve nearly had to cancel plans before because that stuff takes so long to dry, don’t know why everyone raves about it!

So I get an advent calendar from Boots for Christmas (well December in general really) and its got all lovely beauty treats in it. one of them is a nice, grey colour Nails, Inc nail varnish which I put away wistfully with the list of things I’d love to do but probably wont, like eventually moving out of my Mums or a sky dive. What a lovely colour, what a shame its one that’s NEVER going to look good if I paint them myself.

A couple of weeks later I come across said nail varnish, and think realistically, what’s the worst that can happen? I mean the worst that can happen with my nails btw, not in life in general which would certainly be Cliff Richard getting to number one…AGAIN.

It was like a miracle. I think the day I used that nail varnish was the day god decided that he WOULD let me have nice nails in the interim between getting them done. Nails, inc nail varnish comes out absolutely lovely despite the fact you usually paint your nails to look like the kids have done them. It’s quick drying, and I got LOADS of compliments on them, I’m now off to buy every single colour they do and preach to everyone that I ONLY use Nails, Inc. I really

Here is their website:




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