Really good benefits of doing a Dryathlon – Party party party

So apart from raising some money for a good cause (you can still sponsor me here: my Dryathlon gave me a another massive benefit. I went out to a party (which was great btw thanks for the invite Hayley) last night and was pretty drunk after 3 drinks. It was a cheap night out. One of them WAS a large glass of wine but hey ho it usually takes me about 8 drinks to get drunk. You will obviously all have read how hard if was staying sober at my Mum’s 50th so it was nice to have the choice to drink.

It was even nicer that given the choice, I chose not to make a massive tit of myself, say inappropriate thing to Hayley’s family members, or get naked anywhere. I’m not going to go all spiritual on you and say I’ve ‘grown up’ because I know for a fact on my birthday this weekend I will do all of the above, probably get chucked out of Brush and more than likely come back with no shoes.

Watch this space.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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