First Bus Essex

When I was little, my Mum got me a watch and told me learning the time was really important, so it saddens me that none of the parents of the First Bus Essex drivers did them the same courtesy.

Before I start my moan I know you will all tell me to learn to drive but why should I?

I am paying for a service which is never as advertised (bus timetables) so do I not have the right to complain?

Having had to have get the bus to school or work since the age of 11, this means FirstGroup have been making me late for over a decade. Surely thats a Guiness world record? Eating beans with a toothpick, tallest man, making Kelly late for 15 years.

I have complained numerous times, but First actually care about their customers about as much as Hitler cared about the Jews. They dont even respond, which I suppose is less frustrating than getting a response saying they will look into it and getting longed off.

The heart of this, as politely as I can say it, fucking shambles of a service, is the fact that the drivers (most of whom I am certain are illiterate) really REALLY dont care about their jobs. If they do ’employee of the month’ I cant imagine there is one in Basildon who deserves them £5 WH Smith vouchers. Maybe if First instilled a bit of pride in employees they would have a company model that isn’t as useless as tits on a nun.

So first, you cheeky little shits, I have complained, and complained but your service remains at the very least awful. So to name and shame, here is this mornings 22 driver standing chatting at 7.37 when the bus was supposed to leave at 7.35. Oh, and seeing as he wasn’t even ON the bus I got on without paying.




Love to know your thoughts guys?

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