My First Ski Season – Guest Blog by Toni Carson

Anyone thinking of doing a Ski Season? Here is a little guest blog from Toni Carson.

My first time away from home I decided to do a ski season. So off I went to Val D`Isere the popular French ski resort, for party people and keen skiers. As I said before I had no idea where the Alps actually were and I remember asking my manager “oh is it near Paris? Can we go shopping for a day?”….REALLY?

So I packed my thermals, ski goggles and paid 50 quid for excess baggage! I mean who can actually pack their life into 20kg for 6 whole months??? Anyway off I went…oh and I was stood right behind Joey Essex at the airport! REEM!

As for skiing, I had literally never even see a pair of ski boots in my life and no one warned me how agonising they are to wear! And I mean AGONISING!!! Feels like you are having your legs literally squashed to death, and this is people’s idea of fun? The first ski lesson I had I spent most of it shouting for help, falling on my backside and looking like Bambi on ice. Although the ski instructor was very hot and I definitely pulled him down on top of me a few times! Every cloud has a silver lining eh!?

Another challenge is working and living with the same people 24/7 in a close proximity, it definitely makes you appreciate PERSONAL SPACE! And although bunk beds were fun when you were like 6 not so much when you are 23….

Work hard, party harder! Drinking wine was not my thing but when in France as they say…! Having no choice but to drink the free wine (well no one actually forced it down my throat but cheap wine or 18 euros for a bottle of vodka…hmm? No brainer)! Although you have to work hard you also party hard and have some pretty epic nights out. Pre drinking first, of course which generally consists of the usual…. beer pong, ring of fire and “I have never”. Followed by everyone stumbling home in the freezing cold at around 3am absolutely smashed, showing the French that we are indeed boozed up Brits making complete twats of ourselves!

And as I was in France you may wonder did I learn much French? To be honest, no not really. Most people in Val speak English or are English as it seems to be vastly over run by British tour companies and holiday makers! I can say the basics like hello, goodbye, thank you, excuse me…I should have really done French at school instead of German! So yes I am your typical lazy British person who speaks no other language yet expects everyone else in the world to speak English!

All in all I made friends that I will keep for life, learnt new things such as, how to ski…sort of, how to cook something other than a potnoodle or beans on toast…sort of, how to drink excess amounts of cheap house wine….expertly, how to dance on a table while being sprayed in the face with champagne and most importantly how to take a slagging because I am so Scottish that no one can understand a word I say!!!

Seriously though I would highly recommend a ski season unless of course you actually hate snow, skiing, having fun and trying something different!


Ski Reps

If you are interested in a Ski Season, here are a few links that may help you:


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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