Raspberry Ketone Diet Pills

I have decided to try Raspberry Ketone diet pills for one of two reasons. One because I’m mortified I’m getting a double chin and two because everyone else is doing it. Which is by far the best reason to do anything.

In the past I have tried Hokkaido slimming pills, which were fantastic, however I bought a couple of bottles back from the Philippines and ran out, and the postage is quite a lot to get some sent over.


Since my dabble with them, the FDA have released a warning that some of them have sibutramine in them which is well dange.

The article is here: http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/ResourcesForYou/Consumers/BuyingUsingMedicineSafely/MedicationHealthFraud/ucm327451.htm

as with all diet pills I would strongly suggest doing your research before buying.

I have also tried T5’s which gave me the energy of a 3 year old after 78 Starburst, but unfortunately they only worked for about a month until my body built up resistance and they then did, what I can put in the politest terms SOD ALL.


My first impressions of the Raspberry Ketone pills are for a start they are made from all natural ingredients which is better. I have heard mixed reviews but I am unsure if anyone who is telling me they don’t work has followed a diet or exercise plan as well so cant comment. Although I plan to exercise more every day now by doing the half hour walk to and from the station I probably wont change my diet massively because I eat quite well anyway. You are supposed to take one before lunch and one before dinner (30 to 60 minutes before) which is unfortunate because I don’t always know what time I will be eating. After taking the first one I was a bit surprised the after taste was like one of those sachets you dissolve in water when you have a water infection. I do feel like I have more energy when I take them, but it has only been a couple of days, so results to follow.


I have mentioned this on a number of blog posts, but I am NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL, so I am going to give you the following tips as someone with common sense and not someone with a medicine degree.

  • ALWAYS buy diet pills from a trusted supplier. If they come in an unlabelled bottle throw them away immediately.
  • If you take one and they make you feel strange stop them. There are a lot of chemicals in these things that haven’t even been researched on humans, you know your own body.
  • Don’t be silly with food. The way a lot of these work is to supress appetite, but you still need to eat properly to maintain energy levels.
  • Do eat healthy and exercise. There is no miracle cure. It’s healthy anyway so you may as well.
  • Do your research, but make sure you are reading a trusted source. Use your initiative. If someone goes on about the health benefits of diet pills, how they lost a stone in a week and then you scroll down and they are selling them, its a no brainer.

I have been advised there are a lot of websites offering a free trial that will automatically bill you monthly, so please make sure you are careful about where you buy these.


One response to “Raspberry Ketone Diet Pills”

  1. I have taking Pure Raspberry Ketone Made By Doctors in USA. Correct Dosage As Per Dr Oz TV Show has helped we shed weight weekly.



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