Essex Beauty Group

When I have a find, I like to tell everyone. not just mention it in passing, but literally tell EVERYONE I know for the next few weeks about the brilliant new foundation/spa/shop that sells cheap alcohol I have recently discovered.

Well today have I got an absolute FIND for you. I don’t know about yourselves, but I am a tad lazy. When it comes to actually looking up things, I don’t do it. I’d rather text someone and cross my fingers they know the answer (still waiting on confirmation from everyone I know on how to clean heated rollers). When it comes to booking beauty treatments I’m even worse. I have lived in the same place more or less all my life, and I only found out a few months ago the salon RIGHT NEAR MY HOUSE does facials.

When you just want a bit of a pamper you don’t WANT to trawl Google for hours, you just want someone to do your nails, and QUICK. Also, I don’t know if anyone has ever Googled ‘facial Essex’ with moderate safe search off, but let me tell you it’s not pretty.

Swoop in Essex Beauty Group. This fantastic website lets you literally just put in what treatment you want and you can find hundreds of salon’s around Essex. I have to admit in all my research for this blog and previous searching for beauty treatments, I have never come across anything so handy. You can even buy vouchers for all of the affiliated salons which is such a good touch.

So if you do anything today ladies, bookmark this website and go forth, looking your best always without loads of agg!



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