Celebrities Without Make Up

Now I know what you are thinking and trust me I do the same. Every time I see one of these ‘celebrities without make up’ I think to myself ‘ohhhh I dunno babes that’s a bit bitchy’. Let’s face it though, spring is coming, all us ladies are sorting out our summer wardrobes and thinking ‘MY DEAR GOD WHY DOES NOTHING FIT’ and generally getting a bit self conscious. So ladies, just for you have a look at these six beauties without the help of their ‘People’.

Jennifer Lawrence. 


It’s hard to know where to start with this one. Sporting a sort of ‘Wiccan Hagrid’ look, J Law is more Kat Slater than Katniss. The shame of it all is the girl looks lovely when she’s all done up but none of us notice because she falls arse over tit so much.

Cameron Diaz.


Here’s Cammers looking like 4am at Smartie Partie. I actually really like Cameron Diaz, I’m just picking on her because she’s so so skinny. I don’t know how she does it, but she does seem to lead a healthy lifestyle. I’ve always wanted to ring her and ask if she has ever, just once, like the rest of us woken up to a half eaten kebab and carried on eating like you did a Sky live Pause mid bite.



Madge! Wtf love! You don’t look like a virgin or like you are going on holiday. You look like a crackhead. Say crack again. Crack. Seriously if this is what Yoga makes you look like I’m giving it up right now.

Jennifer Lopez.


Fair do’s to Jen her eyebrows look fabulous, but if I were going to go out without make up I wouldn’t couple it with this pervy smile that invites a speech bubble saying ‘My Precious’. Does she actually have bottom teeth or are they false? She is cracking on a bit.

Kim Kardashian.


Kim go on holiday. You can at LEAST afford some sessions at the electric beach. We’ve got another creepy smile on our hands as well. Tomorrow I’m going to go out without make up and look at people like I’m going to tie them up in my basement. I hope that coat has a hood.

Diana Ross.


Now we know why we haven’t seen Diana Ross in a while, she’s been doing part time work as a scarecrow. Aint nobody got time for that. I do like the facial expressions in this one which says to me she is thinking deeply about something which is obviously not if she left her straighteners on.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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