Forever Living – My new favourite thing

If someone offer’s you something free and you are from Basildon, you will jump at the chance before you even know what it entails.

I’d probably agree to a punch in the face it was free. So when Marie from Forever Living offered me some goodies I was like ‘YES PLEASE’ …. keep calm…. be cool.

I have been trying to move into reviewing things because I would eventually like the whole world to know my thoughts on every product available.

The first thing I noticed was how quickly the sample pack was sent. I’m still waiting on emails back from people I replied to before Marie even offered to send me the sample so it just goes to show how efficient she is. It’s also a nice pre requisite for actually ordering stuff. It’s comforting to know it will actually turn up.

I got sent 4 samples of creams inclusive of the following:

Aloe MSM Gel

Aloe Heat Lotion

Aloe Moisturizing Lotion

Aloe Propolis Creme

I actually LOVE lotions and potions. Similarly to counting rings to see how old a tree is, if you watch how many moisturizers a lady puts on before bed you can tell how old she is. I thought I would give the heat lotion a bash first because being a Community Support Worker I literally RUN around for most of the day. It was lovely, it was soothing but it wasn’t strong nor smelled like a nuclear fallout like Ralgex does. My Mum suffers with her back and she tried some and said it was like instant relief.

Mum has just informed me her back hasn’t hurt since she used the heat gel.
You got some competition Jesus.

As for the MSM gel, my Nan has two arthritic hips and she tried it and said it provided a lot of relief for her. Obviously this is not a long term solution but its nice to have something topical that eases the pain as well as painkillers.

The moisturizing lotion and the Propolis crème were FANTASTIC. I used both on my face (Marie will probably now tweet me saying you are not meant to) not at the same time obviously, and they were really refreshing.

Even some quite famous moisturizers can feel greasy a long time after you apply them (some of them can even be so greasy greasy you rest your hand on your face and end up headbutting the table), but these didn’t at all. Makes it a lot easier to apply make u after too.

Coming along to my favourite though, I HAVE to say it was the glittery lip gloss WITH A LIGHT IN. How cool is that. If you are from Essex you have to like glittery lip gloss. This law was passed in 1818 by King George the third. It is again, a very non greasy product and the light is going to be amazingly handy in dark clubs!

I’ve always loved Aloe Vera products anyway (although I think the plants are spiky and scary) so this range is great for me, lotion wise I would really, really recommend the heat one, its lovely after a long hard day. Obviously this is as well as the seriously cool lip gloss.

Go here: and browse the range for yourself I doubt you will be disappointed.

Marie’s Twitter is:

I’m not just saying it, I’m really impressed with these products!




4 responses to “Forever Living – My new favourite thing”

  1. Reblogged this on mariebettydavis and commented:
    πŸ™‚ My first Forever Living product review, by the gorgeous and talented Kelly from Confessions of a sober Essex girl xxx


  2. PS – Use the moisturizing lotion on your face, hands and body but its great as a make up base πŸ™‚ The propolis creme…that’s great for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis so if you’re whacking it on your face, you’ll have a face as smooth as Joan Rivers (after the face lifts of course hehe) xx


  3. A woman got on my bus the other day and smelled of Ralgex, Deep Heat or somesuch. She looked like she kept fit, so it was a surprisingly sexy odour.


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