9 things you didnt know about TOWIE

1. Most of the flash cars are not actually OWNED by the cast members.

Gemma actually used to work for a car dealership, but not many of the cast actually OWN flashy cars. Mario actually got so skint at one point he had to downgrade to a Fiat.


2. Some of the couples are not actually couples.

Who remembers the totes #awks situation when Dan was fake dating Ferne, and she touched up his package in the ultra romantic location of the climbing wall at Basildon Sporting Villiage, but he was ACTUALLY going out with Jaqueline Jossa. You stay classy South East Essex.


3. Most of the places in question are actually shit holes:



Gants Hill:




4. The shops are tiny and none of the cast ever work in them.

Instead, you get served by a work experience version of a TOWIE member, and the shops are around the size of a basket you take your cat to the vet in. Fusey is actually opposite a printer cartridge shop. REEM.


5. A lot of the cast are not actually from Essex.

Maria Fowler was from Derby. Tom Kilby, Leytonstone. Newcomaer Frank Major actually lives in London, so god knows on this earth why he travels to Essex for nights out.


6. They get paid pittance.

£50 a day for filming. Imagine if they only film 3 days. Deffo not enough to buy those Audi’s.


7. They stole the idea from Brian Belo.

You can even watch the original ‘TOWIE’ trailer here:


8. It’s scripted.

Not very well either. Do you REALLY think people in Essex go around throwing drinks on people in clubs?


9. A listers LOVE it!

Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Middleton have both reportedly admitted to loving TOWIE.

Get a life girls.






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