Summer Sun – Guest blog by Toni Carson

The time has come, my Facebook is filled with all my mates from previous seasons leaving for this years one, and I’m stuck in bloody Essex with Drama’s and shit weather. If you haven’t ever done a summer season you are actually a pussy! Seasoned season veteran Toni Carson gives us a bit of insight:

” After doing a winter season in the French Alps, I thought what next? I’m huge fan of summer and all that comes with it, sun, sea, cocktails and tan I thought why not give Greece a try for the next 7 months?

So I did! Summer seasons are awesome and are definitely more my kind of thing over winter seasons. However, it`s not all sun, sea, and Sambuca…you actually have to work. I suppose it depends on what job you are doing, mine was working with children. As you can imagine it`s pretty full on 6 days a week. And being stuck indoors in the air con looking out of the window at all the holiday makers living it up sun bathing and swimming in the gorgeous sea isn’t easy either. However it is a fantastic opportunity and I loved it!

The sun, I thought ‘yep I am definitely coming home with an epic tan after 7 months on the Greek island of Crete’….WRONG.

1. My Scottish skin doesn’t tan all that well despite my mum and dad being able to catch a tan by just looking at the sun!

2. One day off a week (usually hungover in bed) aint going to get you the summer glow you want really!

Alcohol….it`s easy to drink your body weight in alcoholic beverages throughout the summer, especially when most bars only charge 5 euros for a vodka and mixer and the more you attend these bars the more free alcohol they throw in as well ( just in case you weren’t drunk enough). No one actually goes out until around 11pm and the bars and clubs are open until 5am (ish) and of course it`s then off to the Gyros shop in town before heading home to bed and not waking up until well after 1pm the next day!

The locals. One thing I will say about Greek people is they are very family orientated and super friendly. People automatically think the men are sleazy but to be fair there are a lot less creeps lurking around than there are on a night out in the UK. They don’t drink the same amount as us Brits do (does anyone?) and of course as we are dancing on tables at 3am, pouring shots down our necks and squealing “I LOVE THIS SONG” to every song being played they will look on in amazement while sipping their sparkling water. Oh and if you go for lunch you will probably find the locals happily sipping away on their Frappes while we order a large glass of wine to wash down the Greek salad!

Whichever country you end up in, it`s always good to learn their language. Not gonna lie just because I can say hello, goodbye, how are you and sorry in Greek I actually think I am one of the locals!!! And it’s great to go home and tell your mates “oh yeah I speak Greek now” when clearly you don’t.

To sum up my first summer season, I spent 7 months in a beautiful country (which is now one of my all-time favourite places ever) working in a gorgeous 5 star hotel where I met some amazing people from all over the world. I made memories that will stay with me for a life time and I learnt things that I will never forget (hello in Greek)! Once you start season work and spend time living, working and socialising in amazing new and exciting places that’s when the addiction starts. For some people it`s not there cup of tea but for me I could do it for the rest of my life (but I know I have to actually grow up at some point, we can’t all be Peter Pan) and if you are interested go for it. Grab the chance while you can. No excuses.”

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