Charity Do for Little Havens Hospice


Last night, I went to a charity do in memory of my Mums friend Jackie.

I love a do me, getting all dressed up in a posh frock and that, and if it’s for charity its about a million times better. I actually felt a bit posh going to an event at the Golf Course, it made a nice change from going down Bas Vegas.

I have got so much respect for all of Jackie’s family who organised the night. I struggle to organise my lunch for work the next day, so to organise, a band, singers, comedian, auction and raffle, and get companies to donate all the prizes, god I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much work they put into it.

The comedian was pretty funny, my new favourite jokes ‘ a crab got pissed and walked straight home’.

I have a proper thing about crab jokes, I don’t know what it is. We also won a few bits on the raffle which was great because we never win anything. Mum goes ‘have you looked at the winning numbers’ and I’m like ‘yeah we aint won’ without even looking, that’s how confident I am. But alas, we won a bottle of Tattinger and some vouchers for La Tasca, in Lakeside and Frankie & Bennys in Basildon.

It was such a lovely night, I know Jackie would of loved it and it was for a great cause.

Little Havens Hospice opened in 1998 as a result of the founders of Fair Havens Hospice identifying a need for children’s hospice care. It’s not the nicest thought, or subject, but you can imagine how vital this is.

Support and advice is offered throughout the journey of the child’s condition and after they have died through the Bereavement and Family Support Team. Although the charity was founded on a Christian ethos, care and support is given to families of all faiths or none.

It will cost £2.6 million this year to continue these unique and vital services which is entirely free of charge to all families, although donations are always welcomed.

If you would like to do your good deed for the day, please follow this link to donate:



Little Havens Hospice is part of Havens Hospices, which incorporates Fair Havens Hospice for adults in Southend.


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