Things I’m now too old for

I don’t know about you, but I feel I have been spending the last part of my mid twenties navigating a never ending obstacle course of ‘things I’m too old for’. Obviously at 26, I’m far too old to still be living with my Mum and working in a job that I adore that doesn’t pay that great. None the less, I’m still doing it, because I like to pretend I’m 18.

One thing I discovered I am DEFINATELY too old for however last weekend, is staying up until 4am then 5.30am respectively. If I did this while younger I probably would of woken up Sunday, solved a few crosswords, helped negotiate peace in the middle east, and given Charlie off TOWIE some decent fashion advice (IE: STOP WEARING DRESSES LAD). At this age though, not only was I rough/still pissed/ordering kebabs at 11am on the Sunday, I actually still feel a bit worse for wear now (the following Friday),

I think instead of doing all this partying and wine drinking I am just going to have some Botox and sleep with a 20 year old. It’s less effort. I mean, I’m not one to walk around like mutton dressed as lamb, with a skirt so far up my arse you can see what I have for breakfast, I’ve done travelling, and I’m a bit old for a grunger phase.

The only other thing to do, which sounds crazy, would be to accept I am 26, and am actually enjoying sitting here with my foot spa reading ASDA magazine on a Friday night.

Until I do accept it though, here’s a little picture of the amount of alcohol we had for THREE of us last Saturday:



Love to know your thoughts guys?

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