Eurovision 2014 – live blog

Seeing as my live blog on Celebrity Big Brother – the final got so much positive response (it is still one of my most viewed posts and you can read it here I have decided to do the next one on the Eurovision song contest.

As much as I am the epitome of cool, it is my guilty pleasure and it’s tradition to watch it every year. I have had some of the more funnier quotes of life come out of my little Eurovision gatherings such as ‘Where do bells come from?’


I missed it last year as I was working in Greece, made a massive fuss of making the owner of the hotel we lived in playing it in the bar, got pissed and fell asleep.

I’ve had a brief look at Molly Sitting Downs ‘Children of the Universe’ and I don’t know if its good or shit enough to win, but I’m sure we’ll get some funny comments.


You can catch me on 10/05/2014 live blogging the whole event.


Time TBC




Love to know your thoughts guys?

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