Costa or Starbucks?

I dont know about you, but I LOVE coffee. Love love LOVE it. (Not as much as I love wine because I have a uterus) .

As a coffee lover, and when I say that I mean someone who cant function without a nescafe and not someone who knows the ins and outs of what family in Kenya roasted my bean, I HAVE to ask the age old question:

Costa or Starbucks?

For a time, until I drunk frappes, they were interchangeable to me and coffee was coffee. I actually once went into Statbucks, handed over my loyalty card, only be advised they couldnt accept it.


‘Because you’ve given me a Costa card’


Truth is, now I drink Frappes, I prefer Starbucks. Costa try and make things too complicated.

NO. I do not want a mocha vanilla frappe with cream and sprinkles and some ingredient I’ve never heard of thats certainly going to make me have the shits, I just want a FRAPPE. Yes, a cold coffee. Actually made with instant coffee in Greece. So you can take your snooty flavours, and your ‘Subway’ attitude (asking me 673 questions so I can get a sandwich) and do one!

As well as this, the Starbucks in town is the most awesome place ever for sitting in the window playing ‘guess what the persons name is and what they do for a living’. We also have just had a new one open in our local ‘Next’ store which means we can do shopping, coffee, shopping which is one of my favourite combos.

I also prefer Starbucks logo. They put more effort in. Costa just seem like they went on microsoft paint and whacked it out. I prefer the decor. The staff are better looking.

I REALLY am a Starbucks person.

Just dont tell Costa that because I go in every Friday for my morning coffee as its closer to the station.



Love to know your thoughts guys?

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