It could be worse, you could eat dog food for a living…

I have done some awful, awful jobs in my time. As blessed as I am to love my job now, it hasn’t always been the case.

My first ever job was at 15 in a bakery where I had to get up at the crack of dawn Saturday & Sunday to glaze sausage rolls and make sandwiches for £27.50 a week.

I’ve sold windows, and me and my best mate Little Em (its how we met so can’t moan too much) were so shit at it, we literally used to ring people and say ‘do you want to buy any windows today?’.

I’ve cleaned caravans in France, but even though one day I had to clean human excrement from all the pipes, it didnt make me feel anywhere near as dirty as the devil of all jobs, recruitment.

I’ve worked on a five star resort as a kids club supervisor, and the staff got treated worse than we did when I worked for Keycamp.

I’ve done compliance, worked in shops and even chased credit card payments which basically means working part time getting told to fuck off.

So feeling like a good authority on shit jobs, imagine my horror, when walking around ‘Pets at home’ today my fellow work funner Liz told me people ACTUALLY taste dog food for a living.

I HAD to google it:

So whenever anyone you know moans about their job, please feel free to tell them this.

‘It could be worse, you could taste dog food for a living’.


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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