What a woman does after work

Gets home.
Takes her bra off – its been a long day.
Feeds the cats – they are biting her ankles.
Puts dinner on – so are the kids.
Washes up the mess everyone left this morning – including egg that is stuck solid to a plate.
Make seperate dinner for fussy child – she cant be bothered to argue, Enmerdale is on.
Puts some washing on – The never ending PE kit shortage.
Makes the lunches – 4 seperate things as no one likes the same.
Irons the clothes for tomorrow – that have already been ironed and re crumpled up when her daughter tried on every t shirt in her wadrobe and threw them on the floor.
Has a shower and drys and rollers her hair and paints her nails – and puts on 57 wrinkle creams
Fixes that broken hinge on the cupboard – as she has been waiting 3 months for the man of the house to do ot.
Does more washing up – of course.
Hoovers – as half of dinner is now on the carpet.
Writes the shopping list – looks on the brightside, at least she gets to buy as much wine as she wants.

What a man does after work
Eats – noisily, and like he’s never been fed before in his life.



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