Guest Blog – Laura Pulice from Vex Clothing


Like most designers I know, I have always loved fashion. Specifically, the versatility of fashion and that you can change your persona by changing your outfit, or alter your mood based on what you wear.  When I began to study fashion, I became interested in showing style and versatility in a new way which is what led me to latex.

Traditionally, latex has been most prominent in the fetish world. The fetish scene actually celebrates what intimidates most people: the ability to be different, command attention and express yourself. Vex started as a high fashion option for those with fetish interests but it has evolved into something much more.

Last year, I competed on Rihanna’s Styled to Rock on Bravo. Although I didn’t bring home the win, the experience inspired me to experiment with latex and push my designs even more. While I still created the fetish-inspired and lingerie pieces I loved, I understood that they weren’t for everyone. The inspiration I walked away with led to the development of Voyeur.

While Vex designs are more so for a particular night out (or a night in 😉 Voyeur will take the latex out for the day. There are dresses, blouses, jackets, skirts, pants and accessories that mix in more traditional fabrics and interesting prints with latex accents. You can easily wear one of the dresses under a blazer for work, remove the blazer for night with a sexy bare back. Two of my favourites are the green latex zip back skirt and side zip pants.


The response from Rihanna, Pharrell and the judges was so exciting that I had to include them in this line.

As a wife, mother and entrepreneur I’m accustomed to making things happen and taking the lead. As Voyeur becomes a real thing, I’m recognizing that now is the time to accept support from my fans and bring it to life. I recently launched a Kickstarter to support the continued development and product of the Voyeur line.

We’ve had some good support but we need a push to meet our goal. Those who support it are not only supporting Vex Clothing, they’re helping to bring a new perspective to the fashion industry and share it with fashion enthusiasts around the world. There are some great rewards that fans can only get via support of the Kickstarter, making them even more special. Any amount helps – even $1.

I believe that whether you’re a woman in the city, a stay-at-home mom in the suburbs or jet-setting executive, you deserve to feel confident, comfortable and sexy. It shouldn’t be reserved for A-listers or celebrities. I’m excited to share this new chapter with women who crave luxury, command attention and want to make a statement with their fashion.





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