Happy 6 Months Birthday to the Sober Essex Girl

It’s been a hell of a 6 months! I have got my dream job back, found a man, and learned a long hard lesson about what sort of morals I do and don’t want to be surrounded by.

Never in my life did I dream doing a little blog to keep me entertained during the dryathlon would lead to nearly 15,000 views, 11k Twitter followers (my Twitter is https://twitter.com/Kelly_Jackson88) and a few very nice freebies.

I have some very exciting projects lined up (which I’m not going to mention until they are confirmed as I will look like a class arsehole if they don’t come off), a couple of holidays which are sure to give birth to some funny shenanigans, and of course many, many more crazy nights out with my babes where I go for dinner and end up in a strip club.

You might of seen a lot of advertising on my blog lately, so I’d just like to say, I do NOT get paid for this. I have not made on penny from writing so far, and any businesses or products you see are mostly from people I know personally who I am trying to help out. It doesn’t cost me a penny to pop them on here and give them a mention. I’m helpful like that.

If you would like to get in touch for anything, please email me on thecoaseg@gmail.com

A MASSIVE thank you, to everyone that’s read, shared, and commented on the thoughts of a smug, sarcastic 26 year old!




Love to know your thoughts guys?

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