Langdon Hills Dental Centre

I am a nightmare for going to the dentist/doctors/optician.
In fact, I’m more than likely banned from every optician in Basildon, as I book appointments when I’m not working the weekend and never turn up because I’m hungover.

Aside from this, finding a nice dentist/doctor/optician is hard work!

I cant say much for my Doctors Surgery (not going to name and shame, but Aegis Medical Centre you are absolute wasters), and I haven’t get an optician yet, but I have managed to clock onto a nice dentist.

Langdon Hills Dental Centre do LOADS and are really friendly, so if you are scared (or lazy like me) give them a call and get it sorted.


Here are the prices, so get booked in. You only get one set of teeth:


Private fees

Name of treatment


Hygienist treatments
(30 minutes)
Examination (new patient)
Examination (following check up)
Smile makeover consultation inc. study models, photo and analysis

Composite fillings

Premolar (small – one surface)
Premolar (medium – two surfaces)
Premolar (large – three surfaces or more)
Molar (small – one surface)
Molar (medium – two surfaces)
Molar (large – three surfaces or more)


Single implant incl. crown

Root canal treatment

Machine rotary endodontic files are charged separately


Porcelain bonded crown
Full porcelain crown (e.max or eq)
Zirconia (Lava or eq)
Full gold crown
+ lab fee


Porcelain (e.max, empress or eq)
Porcelain (Fieldspat)


Cobalt chrome
(per denture)
Partial acrylic denture
(per denture)
Full upper and lower denture

Tooth whitening

Home whitening (polanight)

Six Month Smiles

Special Introductory price of £2550 until 31/12/13

NHS fees

Band 1
Band 2
Band 3

Love to know your thoughts guys?

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