NY Hot Dogs – Southend on Sea

We all know how hard this dieting lark is. I’ve given in calling anything a ‘diet’ as it just makes me fatter, and I’ve lost a stone by allowing myself a teensy weensy cheat day every week. Mostly it will be a Saturday. Or maybe Sunday as well. Sometimes, if I do the trip out on a Thursday at work I’ll have a little cheat then and have a McDonalds. If I’m a bit tired on a Monday I might cheat a bit then as well. That’s it though, I swear.

Having the occasional treat keeps you sane, and from murdering people around you, so if you are going to do it do it properly. I can vouch for the fact that NY Hot Dog’s will make people so happy & full the crime rate will lower significantly in Southend. Quote me on that in a years time, Essex Police!

I visited today on an empty stomach and wasn’t disappointed. The exterior and interior design is lovely. Lets face it, there’s enough dingy, fag ash lil, bacon butty cafes in Southend as it is. It really feels like you are in a cool, trendy, NY loft bar (although they don’t sell wine, but I’ll let them off with that because the Skittle Milkshakes were possibly better than alcohol).

I went for the ‘Hog Dog’ (you could say I went the whole hog if you were a cringer) with onion and pulled pork. It was one of the best things I have ever tasted, and me, yes me, Essex’s biggest gobshite actually had trouble fitting it in my mouth. You definitely get your moneys worth in this gaff! My Mum had the chicken hot dog because she is one of them shit vegetarians that still eats chicken, bacon if its cremated and sausages if its a Sunday morning. She said it was really nice and I believe her because unless it jumped off her plate and legged it over to Adventure Island to go on the rides she ate it pretty quickly.

I also had a go at the normal AND sweet potato fries (don’t judge, CHEAT DAY remember?) and they were really nice as well. I don’t know how they do it because my sweet potato fries come out soggy and limp but these ones were amazing.

Last but not least out of the things I tried, the Skittles milkshake was to die for. I know it sound like a weird concept, but it was really nice. it also had the nice touch of cream and hundreds and thousands. I LOVE hundreds and thousands. How much better is life if you just chuck some hundreds and thousands on your ice cream, I mean seriously?

The service is great as well. Everyone was chatty, and willing to talk about the place, the hot dogs etc. The owners are lovely and will answer any questions you have with a smile.

Keep an eye on these guys, they have some offers coming up in the coming weeks that you need to look out for, but all in all if you like food (and if you don’t why on earth are you following my blog? we have NOTHING in common) then you should get down there.

They are in the arches opposite the entrance to Adventure Island.












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