J and F Cleaning and maitenance ltd

Lets face it, no one likes cleaning. Some people (like me) say they like cleaning, they find it therapeutic, but this is just like, changing your bed or doing the fridges at work once in a blue moon.

Well imagine how much agg it is cleaning a pub? You know when you get ‘party floor’ in your kitchen after a party (you all what I mean, totally sticky black floor that takes about 4 washes), its probably like that, x 10. I don’t personally own a pub, as I’d either drink the profits, use the profits to buy an elephant, or spend the whole day telling people to ‘get out of my pub’ so I could be like Peggy Mitchell. To anyone that DOES own a pub, first of all congrats for overcoming such obstacles to own one, and second you need to check out http://jandfcleaning.vpweb.co.uk/?prefix=www

J and F Cleaning are an experienced, family run business who CRB check all of their staff and really know what they are doing. If you want someone to come in, make your pub or club look spotless and really not need to worry, then drop them an email on: jamfree06@hotmail.co.uk

If you want someone to come in, do half a job using cleaners they barely know or trust, then by all means use another commercial cleaning company!

The results are obvious from the below pics of some of J and F Cleaning’s work, if you were a weirdo you could eat off of those floors!!







Love to know your thoughts guys?

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