Should you risk your life just to get to work??

Dear First,

After 14 years of putting up with being late due to your company, I have come to terms with the fact until I can afford to learn to drive, I will be perpetually late through no fault of my own.

Due to you having the monopoly on rude arrogant drivers, and terrible customer service, the public in Basildon have no choice but to put up with a service that wouldnt of even been adequate in Victorian times.

Things took a more sinister turn though, on 02/06/2014 when one of your drivers was too sleepy to acknowledge an oncoming car at the mini roundabout, and stopped dead, injuring many of the passegers physically, and the incident actually cutting open a small boys eye (if I was his parent you would be in court by now).

Even myself, a non-driver, knows to give way to the right, but it seems this morning, another bus, and different driver failed to do the same. Maybe you should check they actually can drive legally??

So what was Firsts response to not being late, or having inconvenienced me, or having bad customer service, but ACTUALLY COMPROMISING MY PERSONAL SAFETY?

Nothing. You have completly ignored me. Well ignore this wankers. I have a blog which 15k people have read, Facebook, and 11.7k followers on Twitter, and I have just shared this with all of them.

Have a great day, hope you get to work safely.

Kelly Jackson


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