Barleylands Farm in Essex

Me, my partner and his little girl fancied a day out Saturday, but one that wasn’t too far away (as I had a big night out to get ready for Saturday night, you can see my blog about it here:, so we thought we’d try Barleylands farm.

I visited a good few years ago with some people I look after and remember getting round it quite quickly. Since then though, there have been many additions to Barleylands, which means its great for the little ones.

As you go in the goats, sheep and pigs are the first thing you are greeted with. My personal highlight, was a little sheep who escaped, didn’t think much of it then got back in.

When I was about 5, I went to Marsh Farm in Essex, and a goat took my bag of feed right from my hands why I wasn’t looking, and would you bloody believe it, it happened again. Bloody goats have got it in for me I swear.

As well all the animals which are obviously there due to it being a farm, there’s some great bits for the kiddies. There’s a ball gun bit which is like a soft play area where you can shoot foam balls at each other (probably the adults had more fun here haha), and a massive soft play area the other side of the park. There’s even a zip wire and a small ‘bouncy castle’ in the outdoor park. I didn’t go on it because I’m a big scared of bouncy castles. I mean, all it takes is a bigger kid getting on and your done.

There is a small café in the soft play area, which isn’t too pricey. You get a free train ticket for the miniature railway with your purchase of tickets to the actual farm. Being that there’s quite a few shops in the craft village and regular farmers markets, you can also kill some time outside of the farm.

The 100 bus runs from the town centre bus station to right outside.

So if, like me, you want to pop along, and try your hardest to get a selfie with a goat only to realise goats don’t actually like selfies, book online.



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