King William IV Chigwell – Great Food in Essex

It’s safe to say I am a fan of good food.

Okay, I’m a fan of any food really, but that’s bedsides the point. I can still appreciate a lovely meal when one is put in front of me. From start to finish during our time at the King William IV we were treated like VIP’s, which is GREAT because I’m now just randomly going to start considering myself a celebrity.

We were seated at a lovely table on the end with a sofa seat one side and two chairs the other with gorgeous throws, neither of which bit me so I’m guessing they were faux fur!. I of COURSE had a prosecco, and it was a really nice prosecco, which makes a change as most restaurants where I’m from serve a £6 Tesco special. My friends had the Salmon salad and Duck salad which both looked incredible, and I had the slow roasted pork belly. The pork belly was DELICIOUS. Our clean plates say it all. I could honestly eat that meal every day for the rest of my life, so just to let you know King William when I’m rich you are going to need to save me a seat to use EVERY DAY. The waitresses were lovely, one even offered to take a photo of us all because like complete idiots we were trying to take a selfie and fit all of us in.

They also offered to keep our dinners warm as my friends was literally going to be out a couple of minutes after, which we declined, because although I am a polite person when it comes to food I’m like someone who was raised by wolves.

Another reason I liked it was because the meals were not ‘heavy’. I don’t usually like going out for meals before I go out out, but when you get to my age you need to otherwise you will be smashed after 3 drinks.

All in all, I couldn’t recommend this place more highly. The vodka served is Grey Goose as well which means it makes it into my top ten best places ever. My friend from Scotland and I went to Sugar Hut last time I was down, and I wasn’t overly impressed. I’ll DEFFO be taking her here when she’s down in November.
















8 responses to “King William IV Chigwell – Great Food in Essex”

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  2. Looks fab and like the relaxed vibe x


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