The best TOWIE drink throws

Being from Essex, you would think I go out every week launching drinks at former flames and girls I don’t like. Actually, I manage to have quite a peaceful life (most of the time, I’m still a drama magnet). If like me, you find it absolutely thrilling when someone gets a glass of red thrown over them at a white party, then rejoice in some PREMIUM TOWE drink throwing.

Frankie Essex vs Jamie Reed

People tend to forget about this one, but this was one of THE original TOWIE drink throws. At Lucy’s 21st (no, I cant even believe she’s been that young either, she seems to have always been a grown up lady in magazines to me), Frankie confronted Jamie on being a little bit not gentlemanly about them sleeping together.

Word to the wise Frankie, men are NEVER gentlemanly about you sleeping with them. Not content with making a lady upset, Jamie then threw his own drink back, and picked up a glass punch bowl (just). Oh Jamie!

Frankie Essex gets embroiled in nasty fight with Jamie Reed during TOWIE series finale

Danielle Armstrong vs James Lock

They seemed like the worlds cutest couple for all of three episodes (which is a lifetime in a TOWIE relationship), but after gossip circulating about James sleeping with someone in Brighton, Danielle (quite rightly) lost her cool and soaked him with a cocktail.

James then tried to defend himself by saying he ‘Wasn’t even serious’ about Danielle at this point. Oh James!

James Locke, TOWIE, cheating, Lockie

Jasmin Walia vs Daniel Osborne

I’m sorry to break girl code here, but I have to side with Dan. Not just because I hope he reads this and sweeps me off my feet, but also because I’m sure everyone else in the country was cringing along with me, when Jasmin, not content with being slept with and longed off, kept on and on and on about it. I know you was fuming Jas, but you really don’t make us girls look good. She’s still going on about it now they are back. I have a feeling its going to turn into one of those situations like where Ross from Friends cant let the ‘we were on a break’ thing go. Oh Jasmin!

TOWIE's Jasmin Walia cries and throws drink in Dan Osborne's face in Marbella - 25 June 2014

Lucy Mecklenburgh vs Mario Falcone

This is still my favourite TOWIE moment of all time. Mario’s smugness had built and built for episodes, and we couldn’t WAIT for him to get his just desserts (or dessert wine). I’m sure Mario felt suitably like the mug he is when Lucy turned up by the pool in Marbs looking like a supermodel, and probably a 100x prettier than some of the mingers he probably cheated on her with. At the white party (yes everyone was wearing white, such a contributing factor, I wouldn’t even SERVE red wine at a white party full of people from Essex, in fact I’m confident there’s a ban now), Lucy confronted Mario about his childish ways. As things got heated, Lucy threw a drink in his face and walked off, dignity and dress in tact. Go Lucy!


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