Thai and Prosecco

It has been known, that casa del Jackson is a great place for a night in. After the absolute shenans I had in Romford last week it was nice to take it easy. It was especially nice to have my own flip flops on me, and not have a toilet woman called Esther try taking an absolute liberty and charge me £7 for a pair.

I had two mates round for thai and prosecco which sounds really classy, and was a bit of a step up from me and one of them eating fish and chips and drinking prosecco the other week. It is a universally know fact you can drink prosecco with anything. It’s like water. Don’t mug off the sanctity of prosecco by claiming you cant drink it with certain foods. Just bloody drink it.

The main reason for this blog is for my to make you all aware that I completed a life long dream of wrapping the perfect spring roll. I obviously wouldn’t invite people round for dinner and then NOT make proper spring rolls, but my efforts in the past have looked quite like Stevie wonder made them.

I was even a nice enough friend to heat some up for my friend who thinks nothing of being 4 hours late, and rocked up for dinner at 11m, which is pretty standard for her.

The night ended with me doing what I do best, and going upstairs to the toilet and getting in bed, after a row with my Furby. Basically proof, that even if I have a plan to have a quiet night in with the girls and do facemasks we will still end up smashed dancing in sunglasses in the living room to deep house and drinking prosecco mixed with woo woo.



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