NY Hot Dogs – National Hot Dog Day 23rd July

We all know the year is split u into Christmas, Halloween, Easter and National Hot Dog Day.

If you can’t eat yourself into feeling much like illegal substances on National Hot Dog day then there really is no point to life.

Like Bastille Day, teachers day, and the anniversary of the unification of Italy, it’s hard to find somewhere to celebrate all the hot dogness.

Look no further guys! My bessers over at NY Hot Dogs are having a full day of SHENNANIGANS for it!

On the 23rd July they will be open all day as usual, but at 12pm and 6pm they will be holding a MEGA eating challenge.

30 HOT DOGS IN 10 MINUTES. If you do think you are man enough you can win free food for a month.

You can also get a chance to meet your favourite Essex girl as I will be there from 5.30pm! To help out and mop u sick probably.

If you are not already, you should like them on Facebook, if anything just to perve over the food: https://www.facebook.com/DogeatdogLtd

You can also tweet them here: https://twitter.com/DOGEATDOGLTD








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