Great British Weather

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE living in a country where the weather is such, that one minute you are round someone’s house discussing sitting in the garden and two minutes later the rain is so torrential, you fear you are mid apocalypse.

I enjoy it as much as queuing, paper cuts and that ‘mind the gap woman’. Although so hot I’m sitting here in shorts two sizes too big, the weather in Essex lately has been as un-predictable as Cheryl Coles career. If you are from Essex, here are a few bits I’ve come up with to do when it’s pissing down:

Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker.

Here in Essex we are not that good at secrets, so it’s no surprise that Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker is actually advertised along a further radius than an actual nuclear blast would follow. With the perfect combination of eerie and interesting, this ones probably not for you if you don’t like mannequins or get claustrophobic. The bunker was maintained during the cold war as a potential government head quarters, so you can expect lots of cool shit to look at. The even occasionally do ghost hunts, but finding your way out was complicated enough for me so I’d stick to looking for that.


Adults: £7.00

Children: £5 (5-16 Years)

Family £16.50 (2 Adults + 2 Children

Group Discount 15+ Adults £6.50, Children £4.50


Home 2

Sort out some old crap.

Here in Essex we love a good boot sale as much as we love a prosecco and a gossip. Although you can’t actually DO the boot sale on a rainy day, you can certainly sort through the loft for some old tat to get rid of. Why not get the kids involved, and tell them they can keep the money for anything they sort to sell (as long as they don’t spend it on sweets…or drugs). You wouldn’t believe the absolute shite people will buy. BE WARNED people will haggle you down from 50p to 40p and you will want to shut yourself in the pasting table for sheer embarrassment. Nevendon Boot Sale is one of the ‘biggies’ in the area, but it also means BUSY so you need to turn up early.

Pitch Prices

£11 for cars

£14 for vans


Get a day pass to the gym.

No, not to exercise you wally. I mean Jesus its pissing down, your days already bad enough right? You’ll find most gyms, with a slight bit of elaboration about how much you want to join them, will give up a couple of free day passes to potential customers. So if you can handle the sales pitch as you leave, why not treat yourself of a day of sauna, steam room and swimming?

You can currently get a free day pass to David  Lloyd gyms here:

Rollerworld in Colchester.

Nothing is funnier than seeing grown adults fall on their arse while trying to roller skate. Roller world even has a bar. Alcohol and roller skating. What could possibly go wrong? They even do a roller disco on specific nights so you can listen to some party bangers while roller skating.

Admission prices vary depending on day etc, so check out their website here:




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