The Pink Toothbrush – Rayleigh

I don’t think there will ever be a place in my life that I am more fond of than the Pink Toothbrush in Rayleigh, I remember when I was 18, and some friends took me there, and I was in absolute disbelief that you could go to a club that DOESNT charge you £10 to go and listen to shit music and drink over priced drinks.

Being 26 now (I know right where does time go), I can still go there and feel at home. Well, if your home has a very distinctive odur and cages in the middle of the living room. Fair enough they haven’t changed the carpet since I was conceived, but its a non pretentious, fun night out.

When I was 21, I made all my friends from all over the UK I worked in France with come and stay at mine for the weekend and took them there. They LOVED it. Everyone who goes there loves it, even people who don’t like indie music and would prefer to listen to ‘dance’ music which I still don’t even count as a genre (dance music is what people say they like when they have absolutely no fucking idea about any music and just sit and watch Emmerdale).

I remember once making a complete arsehole of myself, getting on the wooden thing dancing to Flux by Bloc Party (my favourite song) and being told to get off by the bouncer, asking him to help me and him saying ‘No…you got yourself up there’. I’ve been in the cage before when my friend literally turfed a guy out because ‘he wasn’t a funner’ and then proceeded to tag him on Facebook as ‘absolutely not a funner’.

So now that I’m older, and a bit wiser, and I’ve got up with a hangover and done my 30 day abs challenge and checked the weeds I put weedol on yesterday, have I got more sensible?

Hahahaha no way! I got picked up by the fun bus (apparently my mates car is a fun bus because it looks like a bus and she’s fun) I spent the first portion of my night absolutely pissing myself at a 50 yr old in the Spread eagle dancing who looked like Anthea Turner, and then my night ended with someone high jacking this guys bike and joy riding it down Rayleigh High Street. I cant be certain either, but I’m pretty sure I had a full blown conversation with my cat when I got in. C’est la Vie!



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