The things we do to look good….

A few months ago, the realisation that when on holiday in Crete in 18 day’s I’d be stood next to loads of 19 year old bikini clad girls dawned on me.

Starting my holiday planning early, I have been on a diet for a good 5 months. Nothing too intensive (in actual fact you can read the whole diet here: but enough to make me think my god I can wait to get on that island and have a halloumi blow out. People don’t realise that dieting is MASSVIELY hard work, so I have every right to be proud I’m gong to Crete nearly 2 stone lighter.

A few weeks ago, I went to review the Strand in Chelmsford (here: and decided there was no way on earth I was ever, ever again letting anyone touch my hair other than Danielle. so although it will set me back a bit of my halloumi/raki fund, I am booked in to have a wash cut a blow dry the Saturday before I depart.

The week before last, in more pre holiday prep, I had my teeth whitened by the lovely girls at Bodylicious Studio (I would highly recommend, here is their Facebook page: which also meant as well as eating healthy I could only eat white food for 48 hours. All I can say is good job I like rice.

As far as holiday shopping goes, as well as getting all the essentials (like those foam flip flops that float away when you wear them in the sea), I treated myself to a nice little Liz Mclarnen bikini that is probably aimed at people a bit older than my young 26 years, but apparently it will make me look slim. I tried it on, it doesn’t ACTUALLY make me look like Liz Mclarnen, which is good because I think she’s a tosser.

So all in all, as well as flights, hotels, spending money, we’ve spent about £600. Another thing I’m quite strict about, is I do like to travel in style, so I’ve casually booked myself into the airport lounger for unlimited drinks before I go (I’m scared of flying). Another £30 down.

How long am I off for you ask?

4 days.


One response to “The things we do to look good….”

  1. Congratulations on the two stone!!!! That’s a huge accomplishment. I’ve been wanting to start eating more healthy and toning up but it feels like it’s so hard sometimes. I’ll have to read your diet story.
    Loved the bikini that you chose too. Looks really cute 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your trip! xo


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