Fresh Start Capsules


I HAD to do a blog on these little miracle pills. I had mentioned these wonders in my last blog ( but never actually tried them.

My hangovers are actually ledge. When I was 19 I used to go out, be up all night, have a morning bath then spring into work like I’d had 11 hours sleep. Now, I have two glasses of wine, and I wake up wanting to drink every liquid in the house, even the Mr Muscle, with a banging headache, and making great friends with the toilet bowl.

I REALLY didn’t think these would work at all. So I got some this week, and I can absolutely guarantee they do. I took one last night before an entire bottle of wine to myself, and woke up this morning fresh as a daisy.

I’m off on hols in two weeks, and I’ve packed the rest so I can stay fresh after having one to many vinos in Agios Nikolaos, which is the Marbs of Crete (obviously).

You can buy them here:


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