TOWIE Series 13 – First Look

Ok, so we are all SERIOUSLY looking forward to the new series of TOWIE. Looks like some changes are set to happen for series 13.

New Channel


So TOWIE returns to our screens this Autumn, on a completely new channel Itvbe. But is it a massive gamble? It’s not a well kept secret that Itv have made blunders in the past, including thinking the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent worked BETTER without Simon Cowell and his barbed comments and high waisted trousers.

The force however, is strong with the TOWIE gang. Pressing a button is not going to keep any of us from switching over to see Ferne and Elliots latest barney. Compartmentalising a certain genre of show to one channel and letting ITV2 become more of a niche channel itself is a smart move.

Although most people nearly turned to counselling when they first heard TOWIE was moving (like my Mum ‘Oh my GOD we better get it so I can watch TOWIE’), once people calm down and realise Itvbe will be accessible to nearly everyone with a TV, the dust settles and we can embrace looking forward to a smart new channel number.

I have been lucky enough to be invited to the launch party as well, so blog to follow.

New Holiday Destination


Although we are oh so used to seeing the TOWIE gang in Marbs on official capacity, and then tearing up Ibiza on filming breaks, it seems they are mixing business with pleasure for the launch of the new series. Timed impeccably with the closing parties, although it would be a shock to see Gem sporting lumo Raybans in Space, it’s obvious there is a classier side to the White Island in which Wayne Linekars Ocean Beach Club has been a firm favourite for some time.

Not content with doing things by halves, it would seem from some tweets that Itv have also pulled out all the stops and flown over some journalists to catch all the action.

Jealous much?

A New Gemma?


It’s fair to say, GC has been through some tough times on TOWIE. But to top it all, last series she had to watch her ex Argent chasing Lydia round like a Doberman on Viagra. Overcome with emotion, she had a little cry with Billie and Nelly, and it was clear there was some unfinished business. Well good for Gem then, to be posting pics like this on Instagram. Looking thinner, more naturally brown, and all together beautiful, we are sure Arg and Rami will be kicking themselves for treating the clothing queen like a doormat. Can’t wait to see what GC has in store for us during series 13.

Old Faces


So die hard Twitter followers were treated to this little teaser pic of Mr Falcone filming the promo for the new series. It looks like Mario is back. He surely struggled being left out of the last series (if I missed a free holiday to marbs I’d kick right off), so its great to see him back.

TOWIE bosses obviously have a strict code of conduct (you wont even see the cast pictured smoking), but it’s easy to remember that reality TV stars are easy targets, and also they are REAL, that’s why we watch them. My god if I ever got famous, some of the pictures you would see of me!

Old flames


As much as viewers would prefer some screen time for couples that actually have a chance, like Elliot and Chloe, it seems the juggernaut that is Lydia and Arg will not be stopping this series. As cringe as it is, it looks like we are going to be subjected to a lot more of Arg with his tail between his legs trying to make it up to Lydia for cheating on her about a thousand times, and with one of her cast mates.

Sometimes, you just have to accept you have been an absolutely EPIC idiot and move on.

Out with the old


So it would seem Harry has been axed from the current series as he does not share the same group of friends. I’m sure ex Bobby is breathing a sigh of relief that the incredible awkwardness has come to a close. Harry is young and has a lot going for him, although there may be more to the story that meets the eye, as it was clear when I DARED stand next to him to grab a photo of the bar at a restaurant launch last week that his attitude in general to other humans stinks.

From the web of lies he weaved himself into last series, it’s obvious he has a bit of growing up to do, so maybe with some hard graft on his business venture, Harry’s World, he will mature and be offered the same opportunities allowed to his less big headed cast mates.



Love to know your thoughts guys?

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