The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Yes the weather outside IS frightful now. Although for most, this title is just a line from a popular Christmas song, unfortunately for the UK masses, it’s a fact of life. Broken promises of global warming have never materialized, despite how much I over use my aerosol in hope the o zone layer will disintegrate over Basildon and I will get a tan at home.

There is ONE thing I love about winter though. COATS. I LOVE coats. All shapes and sizes and materials. I love a coat or jacket. I’m so excited about getting this years coats, I’ve already got a little shortlist of coats that wont break the bank in mind, which I thought I would share with you.

ASOS Cocoon Coat


Although the style of this coat is nothing particularly new or ground breaking, I am in love with the colour. I don’t know about the rest of you girls, but I always pick incredibly ‘safe’ colours when it comes to coats (browns, beiges etc) so maybe this year I will go out there and get something like this!

Topshop Moto Denim Festival Jacket


I like the twist on this jacket being a parker style coat but in denim, which is something I haven’t seen before. There’s always a danger you could wear it with denim jeans and look a bit B*wiched, but I really like it.

River Island Camel Double Breasted Midi Coat


Ok ok I know I’m contradicting myself and going for the ‘safe’ colour option, but I simply, LOVE this style. Also, if it’s good enough for Kevin’s Mum in the home alone films, it’s good enough for me.


Next joules Fairhurst Navy Quilted Coat


For me, there’s a massive appeal in a quilted coat, and that appeal is that it feels like you are wearing a quilt. After all, how many of us have wished upon wished we could go to work still all snuggled in our duvet?×54




Love to know your thoughts guys?

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