Filming as an extra for TOWIE

There are not a lot of opportunities I’ll pass up. Unless it involves accordions, in which case I am 100% not going anywhere near it. So when my new friends from the ITVbe party told me about extra work on TOWIE, I thought I’d give it a crack.

It’s not a massive secret that all you need to do is follow and drop them an email, but once you are selected, they will really look after you if you don’t mess them about.

We filmed in Kosho Bar in Romford which was a touch as we have been there before and know our way around (was slightly gutted the toilet woman Esther wasn’t there though).

Due to the fact everyone is clubbing they are pretty generous with the free drinks, and our first scene was behind Bobby, Danni and Lockie, and although it was not featured for long it actually made it into all the press release photos.


The only scene I was actually in was behind Mario for about 3 seconds, but we got to meet all the cast, have a chat with them and even get exclusive gossip in the form of Lydia telling James to stop pawing at her because they were ‘not together on the show yet’. SAUCY.

The people that look after the extras are great, and even laid on food in Missoula opposite. If you are free and fancy something different I would definitely advise doing it. If you are respectful to them and play by the rules you could end up getting used again. Lots of free food and alcohol and your head being in TOWIE for 3 seconds. Wopp woop.



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