Upbeat drinks

When I was asked if I wanted to try ‘Upbeat’ drinks, I thought it may be time to grow up and stop drinking a can of Pepsi every morning.

‘Upbeat’ are high protein dairy drinks, made from fresh Whey protein (20g per day). They are low in fat, at 150 calories per drink, they have a lot less fat and sugar in than normal smoothies.

 I have always been someone who prides myself on knowing a lot about nutrition, but I was shocked when I received the protein wheel in my  goodie bag and it said I should have 70 to 75g of protein per day. I can 100% say I no WAY get that much.

I decided to try ‘Upbeat’ in times in my day when my energy flags a bit, as I run around a lot and my energy does dip throughout the day.

I tried the Strawberry ones and the Mango & Passion Fruit ones, but there is another flavour Blueberry & Raspberry. My favourite was the strawberry, it tasted like a standard milkshake and was really refreshing.


The Mango and Passionfruit one was really nice as well and just tasted like a smoothie. On the first day of my ‘Upbeat 3 day challenge’ I had my drink just before I left work. This is usually a main time for my energy flagging, and I usually travel home feeling really drained. I had my ‘Upbeat’ drink just before I travelled home, and not only did I have more energy, for the first time in months, I actually was NOT hungry before dinner. Usually I snack on a slice of bread with Marmite before dinner but it was completely replaced by the drink.

The next day, I had my drink mid-morning, which is another time I flag, and I am not allowed to eat between breaks at work so this was a really handy solution, and I even felt too full  by lunch time to finish all of my salad! I made up for it at dinner though and cooked homemade Chinese, yum.

The third drink, I had this morning, with my breakfast, and I feel more energetic already.

I think a lot of people are under the misconception that if you drink protein drinks you will grow hench muscles and possibly even a moustache, but protein is a really important part of a balanced diet. I will definitely be buying these drinks again, so that I can save one a day for those times when my energy flags a little and I don’t want a full on meal or snack.

The goody bag they sent me was brilliant as well, with a little Iphone speaker, a water bottle that filters as you drink and a keyring dongle, which is handy for me as I always seem to be in need of taking travel documents places.


You can buy ‘Upbeat’ drinks in Tesco, Waitrose and Holland & Barrett or you can check out their website here: http://www.feelingupbeat.com/


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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