When Anni at EdenCancan asked me to try LDN:SKINS I jumped at the chance. Living in Essex means you basically have to be permanently tanned, or people look at you like you have just wee’d on their whole family.

Being someone who has a massive kerfuffle with sunbeds (you can read about this here: https://confessionsofasoberessexgirl.co.uk/2014/01/04/sunbed-shenanigans/), tan in a can really is my only option.

Although I have upgraded from the Savers 99p tanning wipes we all used to use when we were 14, I still haven’t found a tan that I really and truly like, and I wasn’t even that impressed when I splashed out on an expensive bottle of St Tropez (would of been cheaper to GO to St Tropez).

LDN:SKINS kindly sent me a bottle of ‘tone 2’ with a tanning mitt. The first thing I noticed about the mitt was it was a decent size, as I have had some pitiful tanning mitts in my time that only fit three fingers and are useless. The tan itself, shock horror, DIDN’T smell like biscuits, which was great. I hate walking around smelling like a digestive just to be brown.

In the format of a mousse, the tan spreads on evenly and is just dark enough to give you a marker of where you have and haven’t done. The box gives REALLY clear instructions and even tells you where to tan first, which is better than most self tans which just tell you how long they take to dry.

The actual self tan itself looked beautiful, and even, and natural, but still dark. The colour is really nice, and actually looks brown and not orange. Due to the fact it really doesn’t smell like fake tan at all, you might even be able to pretend you have popped to Marbs for a long weekend.

If you are currently using sunbeds, unless you have live on another planet (or in Great Baddow, same thing) for the last ten years, you must know the dangers. Do yourself a favour and switch to some LDN:SKINS for a natural looking tan without putting yourself at risk.

Website: http://www.ldnskins.com/




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