Quite often, I will see an idea, or a company, see how many followers it has on Twitter or Facebook, and think ‘why do more people not know about this?’ .

I would actually venture to say, one of the reasons for starting this blog was to show people that they can look good without breaking the bank.

Affordable fashion chains and pound shops are popping up on our high streets and local towns faster than the spread of flu in the winter, and due to the fact we are still in a recession it’s no surprise. People are earning less, and things are getting more expensive, so it’s more or less a no brainer that we want things cheaper, especially fashion. does exactly what it says on the tin. Specializing in fashionable clothing that costs under 5 pounds, it gives us all the option to dress for less. With a wide variety of choice, is one of the only websites taking budget clothing by storm.

A lot of budget clothing websites, are, lets face it, tacky. Most of the stores that promise affordable clothing offer garments that look like they were last worn by Celine Dion when she sung for France in the 1988 Eurovision song contest. Although I love a bargain, I’m not really up for walking around in clothes that look like they were made before I was born.

Thank heavens, offer some pretty good choice.


In my world, a dress for under 5 pounds is not heard of. Dresses are expensive business, and even a little summer dress to chuck in your suitcase for your summer holiday will set you back around £15.00. The dresses on are not only ‘in’ but they are well shaped. I find a lot of ‘under 5 pound’ websites offer clothes that look more or less like a potato sack of Toys R Us Halloween costume.

Another thing I find about budget clothing websites is they really don’t offer a lot of choice. Believe me, if I could get away with attending all these glam events in lounge pants and a hoody I would, but sometimes the occasion calls for a nice dress or some nice jeans and heels. started in March 2014. Recognizing a trend for online shopping and consumers wanting to look good for less, the owners have years of experience in the woman’s fashion industry.

The motto is:

” Be unique, Be stylish, Be a fashion icon . . . . as cheap as it can get!”

Obviously, no one wants to walk around in clothes that are obviously not very well made and cheap, looking like White Dee from benefit street before the epic make over she got for celebrity big brother.

This is where differ from other retailers that are cornering the online market and offering similar products. Their winter collection is coming in two weeks time, and with a sneak preview below it looks like it will be a good line.

For me personally, the transition between the seasons is the most expensive time for buying clothes. As much as you promise yourself you will save those winter bits in the loft, you just cannot find them. I end up grappling with pink recycling bags (yes, we use our pink recycling bags to store things in the loft, if you are reading this my local council what are you going to do about it?), and thinking I have finally found those 600 jumpers I DEFINITELY saved last year only to realize the only way I’m going to get out of buying those new clothes is if I fancy wearing the Christmas tree decorations.

With such a great choice available on, there really is not reason to fret about your summer or winter wardrobe. With products ranging from jeans, shirts, leggings, trousers, skirts, tops and dresses, and shoes you can take your pick, and fill up your basket without the guilt you do on some online retailers where things cost around £40 each and you just go for it and buy the 6 things in your basket and decide not to check your bank balance for a while.

Also, yes they do the holy grail for all fashionistas. ACCESSORIES.

We have all been long taught, that accessories make the outfit. A statement clutch or an oversized shopper can take your outfit from a 5 to 10 in 60 seconds. They have a large range of bags, and also my favourite item to top off an outfit, winter or summer, sunglasses. For me, getting sunglasses for under 5 pound is a great del, because the first ever expensive designer pair I had I sat on and the trend has continued since!

unnamed 2

If you are looking for tip top affordable fashion, then check out the website

You can also check out their offers and competitions on Facebook: and Twitter:


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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