When contacted me about trying out some of their protein products, it honestly could not have come at a better time. I had been a bit slack with my diet over the last few weeks, and really wanted that last weight loss push for my holiday in Thailand on the 13th November.

AnyProtein advised me they had just the thing, and sent me a tub of diet Whey protein and two ‘Flava’s’ which were coconut and chocolate orange and go in the shaker with the Whey to make them taste nice.

The first thing I noticed about my first shake, was that it was not vile. I tried the coconut one first made with milk, and i was really nice, and quite a refreshing breakfast. The first day i started last week i was actually at the nurse so got weighed, while there, and got an accurate starting point.

The shakes leave you feeling full, and for one of the first times ever I have been coming home without being so hungry before dinner that I want to eat someone on the bus journey home. It’s also convenient that all you need to do is chuck the powder and milk in, as I am way lazy and it means I don’t have to make lunch.

Since using the ‘anywhey-slim’ (found here: as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch for one week, I have lost an incredible 6 pounds in exactly 7 days! Not bad at all.

AnyProtein also keep their Twitter page up to date, and you can find details of all of their latest offers and products on it too:



Love to know your thoughts guys?

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