So unless you have lived under a bridge, in space, or with someone weird who doesn’t watch TV or talk about things for the last decade, you would of heard of Herbalife. Not only did it come to prominence in ‘Ugly Betty’ the TV show, the more health conscious we get the more we want to look after ourselves with natural products. Herbalife was actually officially launched int he 1980’s, with the 1990’s being the decade the product really soared and the recent decade being one where new sciences gave way to new products that are innovative and healthy.

I remember one of my first close up experiences of Herbalife was when i was working in Greece on a five star hotel resort. For the opening two weeks, we were inundated with Herbalife propaganda (even Herbalife sarongs) and when i asked one of my colleagues why they were all there, she replied that they were the top performers and were all here courtesy of Herbalife. I couldn’t believe as well as earning some extra cash you could also get little bonuses like this. I can’t say i would of utilized the freebie by getting up and 7am and doing yoga on the lawn (would of definitely demolished the buffet breakfast) but each to their own.


What is Herbalife?

Most people think Herbalife is just a diet, but this is not the case at all. Although Herbalife does have Weight management products, they also have energy and fitness, targeted nutrition and personal care products.

The Herbalife weight management range do a number of different products for you to combine with a healthy lifestyle to reach that goal weight. From healthy meal replacements to ‘Formula 1’ shakes to protein bars the replace those unhealthy snacks you might reach for, the choice if varied and may stop you being in that situation your diet has become so boring you reach for a Dairy milk because one more lettuce leaf will put you over the edge.

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Undoubtedly, you would of probably seen one of the thousands of ‘before and after’ pictures circulating on Twitter of people following the Herbalife programme.

The energy and fitness range is more aimed at people who work out a lot, rather than people who just want to use their diet to lose weight. The energy and fitness range can also help people who lift, etc and are actually looking to gain.


They also do a healthy breakfast range, which is the most important meal of the day in case you didn’t know!

The targeted nutrition range offer supplements you can take as part of a healthy diet, just for that little extra something.

The one thing that surprised me which I didn’t know at all, was that Herbalife do their own range of personal care products! So if you love the natural remedies they offer for inside, you can now put them outside, on your face.


The one I like the look of is the Herbal Aloe, and as someone who does beauty blogs Aloe really is the latest craze, and it’s health benefits for your skin have finally been capitalized on (although i would like the job of extracting the Aloe as i have actually been poked in the eye by an Aloe Vera plant before now – long story).

How can I get involved in Herbalife?

So you’ve been buying the products, you know a bit about them, but what you are really after is that Greek 5 star holiday and a bit of extra cash. Well the good news is, you really don’t need to take up a lot of time. Most Herbalife distributors start off by distributing AROUND their full time jobs.

The good thing about Herbalife, is that it is an established brand, and basically sells itself. Rather than be trying to push a start up product, you are selling people something they would of heard of.

If you are a Herbalife distributor, you also have the luxury of just targeting products you know something about or have an interest in, so if you are on a personal weight loss journey, you can focus on weightloss. If you are into the gym, you can focus on the energy part of the product range.

You can learn more about Herbalife here: http://www.herbalife.co.uk/ and if you are interested in distributing or you are interested in losing weight or living a more healthy lifestyle you can email herbaliferyan1@gmail.com


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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