Tortilla – Lakeside

When I was invited to the opening of Tortilla in Lakeside, I thought I wouldn’t miss it for the world as Mexican is pretty much my favorite food. Unfortunately, Iu became ill with a viral infection and couldn’t make it.

Being the nice people they are, Tortilla invited me down to take a peek whenever I was free, and yesterday, I finally got down there.

First impressions were good, the decor, which was unusual for a Mexican restaurant was quite American-ish, and all of the burrito fillings are in large tubs, like a posh Subway.


One of the waiters even made the effort to come out to me and my friend Frankie trying to make sense of the menu at the door, and helped us choose and offered to let us have some tasters.

I really like my food being set out in front of me and served to me straight away, as 1. you don’t have to wait, and 2. there’s no secrets about cleanliness.


Even though the food is served in this way and given to you on a tray, that is exactly where the similarities to a ‘fast food restaurant’ end. Rather than be like your average McDonalds or Burger King where you have to fight your way through screaming children to sit squashed up to someone with questionable hygiene, Tortilla has actually nice TABLES to sit on.


I had the ‘carnita’s’ filling which was pork, and my friend had the chicken, and both of our burritos were full to the brim with that and Mexican rice, peppers, onions and the NICEST salsa, guacamole and sour cream. My friend also grabbed some tortillas which were perfect.


My burrito was so nice, it was actually gone in about 60 seconds, and this was after I had eaten Halloween party food at work all day! oops.


The best part of the evening, was finding out that they also did frozen margarita’s, and they were in the CUTEST little cups/jars ever.


All in all, for a tenner for a burrito and margarita, you really couldn’t fault it, and the burrito was absolutely 10 out of 10! i’d highly recommend taking a shopping break to visit and stuff your face.

You can find out more on their website:


Love to know your thoughts guys?

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