A Day Out In London

A lot of people think a day out in London will leave them getting pick pocketed, having to remortgage for a cup of coffee and having their personal space seriously jeopardized.

I met my two friends who I did my season in France with in London last Saturday, and although i can’t vouch for the personal space thing as there were DEFINITELY at least twenty people who wanted to be in my pocket in Leicester Square.

You don’t have to spend your life savings to have a great day out in London. We started off by going to see the poppies at the Tower of London, which were absolutely breathtaking.



Unfortunately, TFL decided to close Tower Hill station, and it looks like they are not budging at all on opening it on what’s set to be the busiest weekend for visitors, this weekend.

If you think TFL care about your lives in any way then you must of accidentally inhaled too much kitchen cleaner, but here’s what we did to make it all a bit easier.

Walk round to Tower Gateway on the DLR, then go one stop up to Shadwell then one stop back down to Bank. Sounds like a massive faff, but it really isn’t and if you are too lazy to actually walk to Bank you are onto a winner.

Next we went up to Camden for a wander around. There is honestly no other place in the UK I feel as at home as Camden. My personal favorite place is ‘Inspiral’ which is to the right just before the lock. On sunny days, you can actually sit on the lock and look at all the barges and the world go by. With alcohol, which is even better.

Randomly enough, they are actually a health food cafe, that has a DJ at night, you can catch up on all their events on their website here: http://www.inspiral.co/

After our glass of organic wine, we walked around the stables market. I love the smells and sounds of Camden, and i can literally spend the rest of my life there. If you have nothing to do on a Sunday, take yourself around the market and go for a nose in Cyberdog, the rave shop complete with DJ. All of the stalls sell really random, individual stuff, so it makes a change from going to Dagenham market and looking around 60 stalls selling bongs and tracksuits.



After all of the walking, we were completely starvational, so we went off to Chinatown and had lunch. The thing I love about Chinatown apart from the atmosphere is that there are LOADS of restaurants that for £10 to £12 you can get an all you can eat buffet and a glass of wine. One thing I will say though, is check the hygiene rating, and be a bit mindful of what you are eating and how long it could of been left out.

To walk off our lunch, we mooched about Leicester Square, in particular the M&M’s shop. I’ll be honest, I don’t really get the whole thing of having a shop actually specifically for M&M’s, but it was really colorful, and busy. I even managed my first row of the day with some tart who basically stood in front of me then wondered why I stepped on her.



We rounded off the day pottering around Covent Garden, which, being a drama queen, is my favorite place ever. I honestly think you could spend hours on end just watching the street performers.

So all in all, if you are prepared to do a bit of tube hopping, there are plenty of things to do in London.





One response to “A Day Out In London”

  1. Walk from Fenchurch Street to London Bridge. Cross this and you land at Southwark Cathedral, which has the fabulous Borough Market as its neighbour. Both are free to wander around – although you will be tempted to spend in the market.

    Then follow the Thames path all the way to Westminster. Great views, great atmosphere, and good exercise. Once a Westminster you can across over the river and wander back to Trafalgar Square, and enjoy the free National Gallery.

    With good weather this is a lovely way to while a away a few hours, and see much of our historic capital too.


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