Charlies Deli – Brentwood

There’s a few things in life I love, but food and TOWIE are probably my top 2. How convenient then, that one of the cast have opened a deli. If you are partial to a bit of TOWIE spotting, you will usually be disappointed during your trip to see none of the cast who own boutiques ever ACTUALLY work in them.

You can imagine how fabulous then, we all found it when we rocked up to Charlie Sims deli to have him personally serve us. With a wide variety of fresh ingredients and products, the food is clearly well thought out and prepared and is far from a gimmick.

Charlie even keep his patience when my friend decided to change the menu around and demand a frappe! Displaying excellent customer service skills, he agreed to make the frappe for her and we took a seat.


The normal coffees (I had a latte) are absolutely lovely, and not too strong either, which is a bug bear i have with latte’s from other places. I even got a little pattern in the foam, and I LOVED the mug which said ‘#youmug’.

You can actually purchase a selection of hilarious mugs and other bits and bobs as well, and Charlie’s Deli does do a take away as well, so you can still pop in for a nice coffee if you are in a rush.


Food wise, I had the bacon sandwich on lovely thick bread, and the bacon was clearly sourced from somewhere with standards rather than just bought from the Sainsburys across the road. My other two friends had toasties, which looked really nice as well.

There are plenty of ‘chain’ restaurants in Brentwood, but if you want, original properly prepared food then Charlie’s Deli is the place to go for that little lunchtime treat.

You can look at the menu here:

Also, if you are TOWIE fan like my two friends, the man himself might even oblige for a picture, which he very politely did when we were in there, and seemed incredibly patient and friendly to all of the customers.



Love to know your thoughts guys?

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