Kerastraight at the Trevor Sorbie salon

When me and all my friends were 14, using Trevor Sorbie’s leave in treatment from Boots was literally the height of our fashion and beauty regime, and we all thought we were boss, like near on international supermodels.

So to be invited, 12 years later to the hair guru’s flagship salon in Covent Garden to find out more about KeraStraight was a great opportunity.

I had my friend over from Scotland and they were even happy to let her come along with me to have a nose at all the goings on, which was great,the hospitality was amazing and the girls from Unleashed Potential were really accommodating and friendly.

s I walked in i was whisked straight off (after being handed a prosecco of course) to go and get my KeraStraight treatment that i was booked in for.

There are quite a few things available in the hair world that are to repair and protect your hair, but if Trevor Sorbie is endorsing a product then you know its going to be good.

I started off having a normal wash with the stylist, who was fantastic and clearly really enjoys her job at the salon.


After prancing around the salon with my hair in a towel and a prosecco like a true Z list celebrity, it was time to make a start on the actual KeraStraight ultimate boost treatment.

The stylist started by putting on a ‘moisture mask’ which was part of the pre agreed group of products we would use during my initial hair consultation.

The KeraStraight moisture mask is a highly concentrated treatment designed to add moisture without making your hair feel heavy. The stylist applied it in sections.


After this, the stylist actually dried the moisture mask on, and another stylist came over to help. I felt like Cheryl Fernandez – Versini sat there having two stylists dry my hair, aside from the fact that she is a size 8 and I was stuffing my face with the mini burger canapes.


After this, my hair was rinsed off, and then dried and styled. The stylist used the KeraStraight heat protection spray, before using tongs to put a few curls in and using the root boosting spray to give it some volume. My hair felt amazing, it felt really light and not like usual moisturizing treatments when your hair feels really heavy afterwards. I would highly recommend this treatment for people, like me, with thick hair.


As well as a fantastic treatment (which has still lasted today, 2 days later, after a wash), we got an incredibly generous goody bag, in which we actually talked to the stylists and chose what products were best for our hair.


If you cannot get down to a salon that stocks KeraStriaght, you can also buy their products on

If you want to find out more abou KeraStraight, you can visit their website here:

Here are some of the official pictures from the night. Super glam!





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  1. Your hair looks gorgeous x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x


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