The new generation of bloggers – introducing Owen Frostie


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I’ve been saying it and saying it all year. Blogging is the tabloid of the 21st century. The public do not want to walk down the shop in the rain and cold (which is most of the time in the UK – even in summer) to go and get a paper and read information, which they can easily access it at their fingertips.

As much as you have the image of bloggers being glamorous women (like myself obviously) in their twenties, getting invited to fashion shows and events, the spectrum is so much more diverse.

It may shock you to hear, that there are a whole new generation of bloggers, some as young as 14, who are embracing this new culture with a vengeance.

To see such young people getting involved in blogging is great. Far from being a selfish, ‘I want all the attention blogger’ (I’m like it in real life so no need to be like it on my blog) I LOVE to hear stories about other bloggers and what they are doing.

This month, I am putting Owen Frostie into the spotlight. Owen is a 14 year old blogger from the UK, who writes about anything and everything. Owen has already had some amazing opportunities, which are probably a result of his fun and mature writing style.

Owen was kind enough to write me a quick intro, and also includes all of his links if you want to connect with him. I personally think it is nothing short on FABULOUS to support young bloggers, as not only will it get them out and about meeting new people but also help them with their English skills, so hopefully the NEXT generation of adults will be a far cry from the illiterate, toothless Jeremy Kyle generation we are stuck with today.

”Hello everyone! My name is Owen Frostie and I am 14 years old and after a couple of months of reading various other bloggers blogs  I decided it was something I would like to try out so one day I decided to make a blogging account to see where it got me too!

I chose to write about the things I liked and opinions on products in general and the post turned out amazing  I’d never expected anyone to enjoy anything I’d written in my own little space on the Internet but it turned out they did like what I posted on my blog which was great!

My blog post are varied because I really don’t have a theme like beauty or fashion I just go with the flow and write what I am liking this month and maybe sometimes what i’m disliking and the post can be short or long so if you don’t have much time the short ones are for you!

But all I can say is thank you for reading my posts and I hope you enjoy many more too come..!

I hope you enjoy what I publish!”





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