Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara

When I was offered a trial of some Younique 3D Fibre lash mascara, I had actually already heard of the brand through numerous people contacting me on Twitter about becoming a host. Although I would love the time to go about selling make up, I currently don’t even have time to brush the cat, so it wont be for me for a while.

Younique are a new-ish company which rely on ‘hosts’ to distribute their products for a commission. The actual business structure is a bit like ‘Avon’ but the products are far, far classier. In fact, when I received my mascara I couldn’t actually believe it could come in such fancy packaging.


The case contained a ‘Moodstruck transplanting gel’ and a ‘moodstruck natural firbes’ stick.

I started off with a completely clean and dry eyelash, which you can see with my beautiful modelling.


I was advised to first put on the ‘transplanting gel’ which can come out quite thick (yay it lasts longer) so before you go smashing it all all gung ho like it’s no tomorrow, I would suggest having a tester on a couple of your outer eyelashes first.

Once you have done this, you need to put on the natural fibers over the top, and if required another layer of gel. Magic.

Long long eyelashes in about 5 minutes. No sticky glue, no falsies, no painfully stinging eyelids. Just mascara. My Mum actually has really thin eyelashes, and has completely stolen this from me!


If you wish to find out more about Younique products, parties or becoming a host, you can check out their ‘About’ page on their website here:

Check out Jo’s website:


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  1. Great blog Kelly, glad your mum loves the mascara! Please if anyone is interested check out my website at or if you are interested in information on how to become a Presenter please email me at Thank you.. xo


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